Online Coaching for Wives Partners of Sex Addicts

The Sisterhood of Support now offers One-On-One Online Skype or Phone Coaching for Partners of Sex Addicts.

In following our commitment that “Partners are the Priority”, The Sisterhood Of Support has created another Safe Place to Talk. No matter where you are in the world you can connect with Diane.

 Looking for a Safe Place to Talk…

  • about grief and pain and rage and despair and longing?
  • about the things you found out and the questions you still have?
  • about your hopes and fears?
  • about feeling love and loss at the same time?
  • about what we know and don’t know about sex addiction?
  • about how you could be so completely wrong about the man you loved?
  • about what you can do to manage the terrible post-trauma symptoms?
  • about thoughts of dying you are afraid to admit and afraid to ignore?
  • about how to protect yourself and your children?
  • about why his addict-centered treatment program doesn’t feel quite right?
  • about why you can’t find any “success” stories for sex addiction recovery?
  • about the challenge to make your life a priority for healing and respect?

When the one person you trusted most in this world has just destroyed everything in which you were invested, heart, soul, mind, and body, and you are waiting for test results to tell you what diseases he has given you, it’s not time for a therapist to call you names, ask you how you participated in his lie, suggest it’s not that bad, accuse you of knowing all the time, or tell you it takes two people to ruin a marriage. Traumatized partners of sex addicts need someone who makes their needs the top priority. That’s where Diane works—in that rare space where a partner of a sex addict is priority one.

Diane listens and speaks from her heart, spirit, mind, and body. She understands your experience because she shares it. She is not offended or frightened by your post-trauma responses. She draws from a well of compassion that has no bottom. She knows there is more to you than your trauma symptoms—and she believes in your ability to heal yourself.

By sharing coping tools and recovery strategies, Diane will help you regain control of your own life. She will help you identify patterns and cycles of behaviors that put you at risk over and over again, while doing nothing to help the sex addict recover. She will help you begin to reframe a reality built on truth and real information. She will help you name and affirm the core values around which you build your life. Then, you can review your best options in this devastating situation. You can believe in yourself and trust yourself again to make good decisions.

A critical thinker, Diane also offers strategic help to partners going through disclosure events, meetings with his therapy group, custody evaluations, discovery process, mediation, court appearances, etc. She is trained in negotiation strategy and brings an analytical approach to documentation and contracts.


If you are a partner of someone who is engaging in secret or blatant sexual activities with people other than you, you are likely overwhelmed with hurt and shock. Diane is now offering coaching for Partners of sex addicts.

Dealing with this trauma includes:

  • a steep and painful learning curve
  • a bundle of debilitating trauma symptoms
  • a sense of isolation
  • a lack of credible research data on this topic
  • a doubtful treatment protocol
  • lots of expensive “solutions” advertised with no reliable outcomes
  • trying to avoid treatment-induced partner trauma
  • getting up every day to go to work, care for children and others, etc.


Having the opportunity to talk one-on-one with someone who understands this landscape of trauma and treatment confusion may help you to get your feet under you and begin to find your way forward. But who would you be talking with?

A critical thinker with decades of experience dealing with people, Diane also provides strategic coaching to help you identify and pursue your goals in mediation processes, custody evaluations, visitation issues and court proceedings. Learn how to tell your story effectively and bring your concerns forward in ways that allow key decision-makers to use their power without taking sides.

Diane Strickland has been in your shoes. She gets it. She understands what is at stake for you. She knows you have to find your way through this with compassion, fidelity to your core values, and the courage to grow.

On the Married to a Sex Addict website and on the Sisterhood of Support website Diane has been coming alongside women like you for over four years. You’ve probably read her posts and know her a little already. She, too, has benefited from the support of other women and is a testament to the power of that support to move us forward. Diane also authored the ebook “Spirituality for Partners of Sex Addicts: Resources and Roadblocks for Recovery” in JoAnn’s Russell’s “Married to a Sex Addict Survival Series”.

Now, The Sisterhood is honored to have Diane provide confidential one-on-one coaching/counseling Skype sessions to the Sisters.

It’s been a long journey, but this next step also reflects the coming together of Diane’s vocation and ongoing training in the caring professions. The Reverend Diane Strickland has been an ordained minister for 25 years in mainline denominational ministry. Her faith draws her closer to people, instead of creating barriers. She currently has a private counseling and coaching practice in Calgary, Alberta, and has been doing post-flood disaster trauma recovery work in High River, Alberta for the last year. Diane holds three degrees, including two Masters degrees, and also has three Certifications, including one in Fierce Conversations, and one as a Compassion Fatigue Specialist. In her field, she has compiled a strong publications list.

In her own words:

I honor my clients’ lives as sacred—no matter what their beliefs or spirituality. I believe in them. They are people of great integrity, capacity, and ability. They deserve the best I have to offer so I bring everything I have at my fingertips after 26 years coming alongside people in crisis as an ordained minister.

I bring experience on the site of Canada’s largest natural disaster, offering care and support to trauma victims. I bring an appropriately educated approach, with my first Master’s degree in Psycholinguistics, and my second, an M.Div, a longer professional program for ordination, including training in counseling and pastoral care. I bring training as a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist-Therapist, addressing secondary trauma and burn out.

Since beginning this work with partners, I have found it to be the most important work I have ever done. I am grateful for the privilege of connecting with partners to stand with them in the truth of their experience, proclaim their value, and offer hope for their lives.

Contact me:

A Safe Place to Talk.

Coaching fees: $150.00/hr.

5 Sessions for $595.00

Coaching fees are $150/hr. 

Purchase 5 one hour sessions for $595. This special bundle price comes out to only $119.00 per hour long session.

Click the link below to contact Diane now and set up your coaching sessions.


You are the first person who truly gets it.
You really understand how wrecked I am. But when you make me laugh, I find strength again.
You gave me more help in the first session than I got from my other therapist in over two years. Why don’t they know this stuff?
You helped me recognize my best options in mediation.
Counselors can be good, but unless they’ve walked in our shoes, they really don’t fully get our situations. Diane got everything in the first 2 minutes. She’s lived it. I can’t recommend her enough. I’ve felt good all day about her insights and recommendations.

I thought off and on about sessions with her, but the thing that really pushed me to do it was the court-ordered custody evaluation (my SAH is asking for joint custody of our 2 year old daughter). My sessions with Diane helped me to present myself in a way that ensured I came across as strong and sane (rather than as a hysterical crazy woman even though I feel that way sometimes), and yet the details of what he has done were shared with the evaluator. Diane also helped me prepare for the interim custody and support trial and I am happy to report that the judge ruled in my favor, awarding me interim sole custody of our daughter (he gets limited supervised visitation) and the support figure my lawyers asked for. She’s also helped me craft “scripts” to deal with my lawyers, my SAH, and my verbally abusive mother-in-law. I continue to rely upon Diane as a strong and wise voice who understands my situation and has my best interests at heart. Highly recommend for any sisters struggling with the many different aspects of being a partner of a sex addict.

You have a way with words. They get me out of all those dark corners.

Diane is a gifted counselor and coach and she was instrumental in helping me to reshape and rethink about who I am, what my value is, to me and what honoring myself looks like. 
Until I found Diane Strickland on the Sisterhood of Support website, I had all but given up trying to find a counselor who understood the devastating trauma I was experiencing as a partner of a sex addict. Diane gave me REAL and PRACTICAL advice so I could find my way out of a very dark and frightening place.
I had no hope for my life. But you know how to challenge me so that I can actually change my situation.
When I discovered my husband of a year was addicted to porn, NSA sex, Massage Parlors, Escorts, Prostitutes and Hookup sites, my world was absolutely shattered. My first psychotherapist told me I was a co-addict, and needed to attend 12 step meetings for the rest of my life. The second one told me I was codependent and would likely end up in another abusive marriage. I had about given up when I came to Diane.  Her compassionate yet no nonsense approach to my situation lit my path from sadness and hopelessness to joy and peace.  Diane’s experience, humor and her complete presence in every session helped me overcome the trauma and was pivotal in getting me get back to me.  
Diane helped me remember who I was, and to trust myself again.

Wondering if Diane is the right fit for you?

Choose the one-time, one hour trial session for $99.00 US.

You only get one session at this special rate, and booking depends on availability,
but we make every effort to offer you a session time ASAP. Click the e-mail link below or simply e-mail her to book your special trial session with Diane. Be sure to include the ‘one time special’ in the subject line.

We understand. We’ve been there, too.



I'm not around right now. But you can send me an email and I'll get back to you, asap. Thanks. JoAnn


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