Where Is The Real Proof About Sex Addiction?

Everyone has an opinion and opinions seem paramount in discussing sex addiction. Anecdotal evidence is touted as scientific proofs for outrageous recovery and cure rate claims. Treatment centers use methodologies that have no professional basis and claim high success rates.

So, why do I take it upon myself to cry ‘foul? It’s because of the voices of tens of thousands of women who have spoken loud and clear about what this thing that is erroneously called sex addiction really is and what the long term results are of 12 step programs, CSAT therapy and sex addiction treatment centers.

In case anyone has ever wondered here are some statistics on my websites.

The Sisterhood started in February of 2011 at the request of many women who needed a private place to share their experiences. The Sisterhood has been up and running for a little over 7 years. Thousands of women have come and gone and shared their stories and experiences.

The original site, sisterhoodofsupport.com was archived because of a software conflict with a new membership software update. I would have lost all of my data if I had updated that site. So, I started anew with sisterhoodofsupport.org while still having access to the data on the original site.

The original .com site has 6,449 Topics and 119,053 replies archived.

As of today, March 16, 2018 the sisterhoodofsupport.org site has 5,711 Topics and 99,245 replies.

Currently the Sisterhood of Support website gets over a million and a half hits per year.

The marriedtoasexaddict.com website has been running since 2005 and consistently gets an average of 30,000 unique visitors per month. It does not have a private forums feature but the blog has hundreds of posts written by me with thousands of comments.The most popular posts on that site have had over a half a million views.

These sites have gathered more information on partners and wives of sex addicts than any other resource that I know of. The Sisters do not take their replies lightly. We speak not only from our own experiences but from the wisdom that we have learned over the years as wives and partners of sex addicts.

We have not found a unicorn (a truly recovered sex addict) yet. We’ve had a lot of ‘maybes’ and a lot of ‘wannabes’ but nothing that ever lasted.

My son is a neuro scientist. When I post about research I have real scientific research to back it up. When I post about personality disorders I have real scientific research and medical documentation to back it up.

Patrick Carnes, Robert Weiss, CSATs, SA groups and 12 steppers have none of this to back up their claims of recovery and cure rates. All they have is anecdotal evidence, poorly conducted surveys and research and ridiculous statistics that have no basis.

It’s time to start asking therapists, treatment centers and SA groups to produce real statistics conducted using the scientific method along with long term follow up studies before giving them your money, your time, your future and your trust.


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