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Why? A Partner Speaks On Sex Addiction

Why does a man choose hookers over his family? Why didn’t we see this major flaw in our husbands? Why do we stay and have nervous breakdowns when we find out? Why do therapists push us towards acknowledging our part? Why are we triggered? Why can’t we just walk out the door and never look back? Why do we seek help for them? Why do they blame us? Why do our friends and family want us to just get over it? Why did this man who watched me deliver our daughter/son leave the hospital and seek out a prostitue? And the winner is “why can’t they be helped?”

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Sex Addictions And Brain Changes–Which Came First?

there are more than enough ‘professional opinions’ out there that claim that sex addicts exhibit the same changes in their brains as other addicts. So, this article will assume that this is true simply for argument sake and because indications, such as their personality behaviors, lead me to believe that it is probably so.

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