Are Partners of Sex Addicts at an Increased Risk for Coronavirus?

We already know that sex addicts put their partners at high risk for sexually transmitted diseases. But what about other contagious diseases such as the coronavirus?

Sex addicts who engage in intimate contact with people who also engage in intimate contact with other people who have also been in intimate contact with others…and so on and so on exponentially increase the risk that they may also transmit other infectious diseases to us, their partners, our family members, close social contacts and co workers.

It was confirmed by the World Health Organization today (March 11, 2020) that the Coronavirus is now a Pandemic.

Definition of pandemic
: occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population

This puts any partner of a sex addict and her family, friends and close associates at an increased risk for infection of the coronavirus.

Even if the sex addict that you are in a relationship with swears that ‘it is only porn’, please be reasonable. After over 15 years of stories here and on my websites, I can assure you that it is rarely ‘only porn’.

That’s why the first recommendation to any partner is to get a full panel STD and do not have unprotected sex with your husband/boyfriend/partner.

Now we are faced with an even greater risk from sex addicts and I am at a loss as to how to advise all of you, my Sisters.

Please share your thoughts.

How can you protect yourself and your family?

Should you insist upon separate bedrooms? Separate living spaces?

How do you feel about the potential risk to your children? Your elderly parents?

Do you feel the risk is negligible? If so, why?

This is an open forum and all thoughts and ideas are important. Let’s put our heads together and share our thoughts and ideas about how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Much love to all. ~ JoAnn


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  1. JG

    My boyfriend who has a paranoia disorder and is a sex addict cheated on me during the pandemic. I cannot force him to move out because there is a no eviction law in effect. This is the last straw. He is hyper vigilant about cleaning his hands and groceries yet was willing to go out and sing play his guitar and have sex with a woman. My 21 year old daughter and I feel unsafe but I was informed by the police and a lawyer that I have to let him stay because he has established residency and he refuses to leave and does not have the means. Plus no traveling is allowed. He can also go to a rally if he wants. I can’t get a restraining order even. He has his own bedroom. He knows what resources he needs to access to get help but won’t use them. I don’t even care any more whether he gets help. I just want him gone so I can grieve and heal. He wants to work on it but that has been said a million times. If corona virus sip didn’t exist I could get him out. What about my rights for safety? I’m 58 and have fibromyalgia. My daughter is 21 but is very thin and somewhat depressed. It’s a torture zone. He is out of a job and can’t even get u employment because he’s an independent contractor and can’t get through to unemployment anyway. I go to a support group but this last “slip” is the end. Now he is trying to say what he’s done—disclosure and I don’t have the resources to deal with his lack of boundaries while I’m trying to heal. I’ve got ptsd for sure and corona virus depression is also a huge part of it. When this first started I was happy. I work from home now and looked forward to the solitude to write and spend time hiking with my partner and cooking and watching movies together. Now we are in a prison where he could go out and catch it in an instant and my daughter and I would be the victims.

  2. JoAnn Russell, RN, MS

    Hi JG,

    First, what is your living situation? Are you renting a home or apartment? Are both of your names on the lease?

    If he won’t leave, then you should. If the lease is in both of your names talk with an attorney and get your name taken off the lease. If his name is not on the lease, talk with an attorney…you certainly have the legal right to get him out.

    If you own a home together, who is on the mortgage?

    It sounds like you will have to leave for the safety of yourself and your daughter. The stay in place orders are lifted for most parts of the country, so it is time for you to get yourself away from him immediately. If you can’t afford an hour of legal consultation with an attorney contact your local Domestic Violence hotline and ask for direction and resources. Here is the national website and phone number. 1-800-799-7233

    You are not responsible for him, he is a grown man. He can find his own resources, a job or unemployment or a place to live. If you stay because of him and his needs you are putting yourself and your daughter at risk. Now is the time to make those hard decisions to save yourself.

    Sending you courage and strength. ~ JoAnn

  3. PrincipledLife

    He is not practicing social distancing, so he is putting you and your daughter at risk. Unless, of course, his penis was at a rally. Snort! You must be in California, where they have crazy laws like this. If it was me, I’d get a letter from a therapist saying that his presence is harmful to you, put my daughter in a hotel for a few days, change the locks and put his shit in boxes outside the door. If the police come, bust him for breaking social distancing policy and putting your health at risk and show them the letter. This is all uncharted territory anyway, and my guess is they will support you. Make it more painful for him to stay than go.

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