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I frequently post quotes, my thoughts or musings, and comments from the Sisters in the homepage ‘To Ponder’ section.

If you would like to join the discussion and make a comment about the To Ponder section, this is your place to make your voice heard.

I’ll start with the last two quotes and I will add others as I post them so you can comment below. Just use the number of the quote as reference.

  1. In 2015, a study by neuroscientists Nicole Prause and Vaughn Steele showed the brain activity of self-identified ‘porn addicts’  didn’t resemble the brain patterns of people addicted to drugs and other biologically addictive substances. Prause says, “addiction appears to be the wrong model” for classifying this problem. 
  2. They (the sex addiction community) sell ‘addiction’ because there is no money in ‘psychopath’. They need the partner to develop compassion for her abuser so they have to make him sick. The partner is the one who says, ‘no treatment, no me’. They NEED the partner to make the whole operation run. It’s a joke and the joke is on us. ~ A Sister


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  1. I completely agree with #2. Psychopath is an apt description. I literally see my soon to be ex as a psychopath. Not the kind that’s capable of violence. No. He’s not that kind of psychopath. He’s a whole other category. There’s no other way to describe these men.

  2. Well said. Psychopaths lack the ability to feel empathy or remorse. 100% agreement.