8 one hour, one-on-one video or phone sessions each week for 8 weeks.



Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? This program will get you there! A one hour, one-on-one video or phone session each week for 26 weeks at a discounted price of just a bit over $115.00 per session. That’s a HUGE 23% discount off the individual session rate.

You and I will work closely together to determine your goals and make sure you achieve the life you want. You will be given lots of supportive print resources and worksheets to keep you on track along with e-mail support from me whenever you need it.

If you request I will record your sessions for you so that you can review it at your convenience.

As soon as I receive your order I will contact you to set up session times that fit your schedule.

  • Free Print Resources
  • Individualized Goals
  • e-mail Support
  • Free Video Recording of each session if requested