Individual One Hour Online or Phone Sessions.

The SOS Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program is for Partners who are still experiencing gaslighting within their relationship, who suffer from stress, trauma and confusion, have difficulty concentrating and making decisions or those who just feel ‘stuck’ in their situation. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a powerful and proven method of quickly achieving a desired outcome or change in your life.

CBT is the only form of therapy that has scientifically documented research that provides evidence that it can elicit real and long lasting behavioral changes in clients. CBT accomplishes these changes in a relatively short period of time and is more effective than talk therapy or counseling, which offer no effective change.

All of my Coaching sessions are tailored toward your needs and can be modified at any time. CBT can be integrated into any of the other Coaching programs or can be used as a singular program for specific life issues.

You and I will work closely together to determine the issues in your life that you wish to change and we will put together a plan. You will be given lots of supportive print resources and worksheets to keep you on track along with e-mail support from me whenever you need it. If you request I will record your session for you so that you can review it at your convenience.

You can purchase Coaching Sessions as you need them according to your own schedule and use the print resources and worksheets between sessions to work on your goals independently. Each session is individualized to whatever you need at the time. If you request I will record your session for you so that you can review it at your convenience.

As soon as I receive your order I will contact you by e-mail to set up session times that fit your schedule.

  • One hour sessions
  • Sessions scheduled to fit your needs
  • Individualized Plans
  • Free Print Resources
  • e-mail Support
  • Free Video Recording of each session if requested
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