Personality Disorders and Sex Addiction


NEW UPDATED EDITION Sept. 2020! epub file for easy reading. 

The information in this eBook is unique, ground breaking and may ruffle a few feathers, but I believe it is absolutely necessary information for any partner who is interested in finding out exactly why these men do what they do or is  facing the difficult choice of whether to stay or leave after the Discovery of Sex Addiction in her relationship.

In this eBook I have taken thousands of pages of medical manuals, journals, research papers, personal stories and my own experiences and condensed it all down into understandable terms.

Sex Addiction continues to be treated as a primary disease even though it does not have an official diagnosis. This eBook explains both Sex Addiction and Personality Disorders and shows the similarities. It contains information gleaned from not only my own experiences with my Sexually Addicted and Personality Disordered husband, but from the thousands of stories and comments from my websites.

No fluff, no anecdotes that take up a lot of space,  just honest, factual information in an easy to read form.