Recovery eBook


Recovery What Is Recovery? What Does It Look Like?  This third Survival Series eBook addresses the questions that many of you have asked. This eBook describes what recovery is and what it is not. It helps you to understand why a Sex Addict acts the way he does, why he lies and how he became a Sex Addict. It explains when recovery truly starts and what you will see in your partner if he is committed to his recovery.

This book is a guide that will help you navigate through your spouse or partner’s recovery from Sexual Addiction. It will help you understand the necessary steps that a Sex Addict must take along their journey toward recovery. It will help you to recognize whether or not your partner is truly engaged in and committed to their recovery from Sex Addiction. This book will give you the knowledge and tools to help you recognize when you are being deceived.

Most importantly, this book will help you understand what you can do for yourself during your spouse’s recovery. But, this book will not tell you how to ‘help’ him recover. There is no way that anyone can help a Sex Addict in their recovery. They must choose to give up their bad behaviors, they must do the hard work themselves and they alone, will succeed or fail.

The third eBook in the Married To A Sex Addict Survival Series is now available for download. The information contained in this eBook is specifically written for the spouse or partner of a Sex Addict. The issue of recovery, is so complex that I could not include all of the information in my book Married To A Sex Addict, hence the need for separate eBooks on certain topics.