Sisterhood Support Group


Welcome to The Sisterhood, I’m glad you found us although I am sad for what brought you here. This is your quiet, safe place. A place where wives and partners of sex addicts will find honest, truthful answers, resources and most of all, friendship and caring from women who truly understand.

The Support Group is an online, private forums membership area only accessible to subscribers.

It is a place where you will feel truly welcome. No more isolation–we all understand because we have all been there. The Support Group is a place where you can feel safe sharing your feelings, doubts and fears. A place where you KNOW that everyone else here has walked in your shoes and that they understand exactly how you feel. If you are a woman who is in or has been in a relationship with a sex addict this is definitely the place for you.

The Sisterhood Support Group is an online, available 24/7 support group for women only. The doors are always open in the ‘hood’ and the light is always on. Someone is almost always there to welcome you. It is quite rare to sign in and not see anyone else online. But, if no one is online you have dozens of forums, tens of thousands of topics and over a two hundred thousand comments to browse through.

Questions are answered quickly and support is what we offer no matter where you are in your journey or what decisions you make or how many times you change your mind. We are always there for you, sharing your pain, holding you up when you feel as if you can’t go on and lighting your way when all you can see is darkness.

The Sisterhood will give you the support and resources you need to regain your stability and start on your path toward healing. The Sisters are always there for you, standing beside you, helping you to find your way.

The Sisterhood is not a 12 step group, The Sisterhood will not ever imply that you are a co addict or that you are co dependent. The Sisterhood believes in empowering you rather than telling you that you are powerless. The Sisterhood is a unique sort of group that does nothing more than support you with compassion, understanding and friendship.

Together we laugh, cry, share and support each other. We are best friends. If possible we visit each other, call each other on the phone when we are in need and share our joys and laughter as well as our pain. You will find all sorts of discussions going on in the Sisterhood. We talk about everything, Sex Addiction, Personality Disorders, recovery, staying, leaving, divorce, children, jobs, stress, PTSD, health…you name it we’ve probably discussed it and will discuss it again. Asking questions in the forum is a great way to get input from the Sisters, or you can just remain in the background and read through the thousands of topics and see what has been said in the past.

So take your time, look around the public areas of the website, read the blog and watch our videos if you haven’t done so already. If any of this resonates with you, as the wife or partner of a sex addict, and you feel that this is a place for you, then give the private membership support group a try.

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