Ten Tough Questions Audio Series by Diane Strickland


wives and partners of sex addicts ask


A Courageous New Audio and Print Resource just for you, from Diane Strickland

Asking and responding to these questions takes COURAGE. Diane tackles them head on, sharing her
insights without pulling any punches about the hard truths in our experience and how to grapple
with them. She also champions hope in your life and for your life, as well as advocating for competent
assessment and appropriate treatment for the men they call sex addicts. She invites you to reflect on
her words and work more deeply with your story after each of her responses.
Here are the questions:

  1. Why didn’t I know what was really going on?

  2. How can I ever trust myself again?

  3. Will I ever stop crying?

  4. Is there any hope?

  5. Now that he’s in treatment, why is he still treating me so badly?

  6. Can I find peace about the years I can’t get back?

  7. Why does he talk to me like he’s reciting lines?

  8. Will I ever recover?

  9. Is couple’s counseling going to help?

  10. What is the most important thing to do for my recovery?

Each question and response is self-contained. You can engage them at your own pace.
The audio file for each response is about 10-13 minutes long. Diane has been sensitive
to the possibility of trauma symptoms making it harder for you to concentrate as a
listener or a reader.

In the introduction, Diane advises that this probably is not the best resource for
someone in the early days after discovery. Diane created First Things First for those
women, and recommends they begin there first. Ten Tough Questions is not for
someone whose main goal (no matter what the cost to herself or her children) is
to save a marriage or relationship with one of these men. Instead this resource is
for any woman ready to make her life and the lives of her children her top priority
in this difficult situation.

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Here’s what  women are saying about Diane’s Ten Tough Questions audio series:


I have just listened to the first audio of Diane’s new collection – Why didn’t I know?

Wow – I think I will listen to it every day because it just makes me feel normal again – thank you Diane!

Since dday I have struggled so much with why I didn’t know what was going on under my own roof. I knew something wasn’t quite right but I thought it was depression because that is what he was diagnosed with.

There was a strange atmosphere in the house and with his behaviour that I just couldn’t figure out but for the life of me I didn’t know what the hell it was.

On dday I literally thought I would have a heart attack after I found out about his secret life. He had covered up his true self so well. He knew my core values as a human being and pretended that he felt exactly the same way. I would not have believed in a million, million years that he was someone else!

I feel now that I no longer have to keep torturing myself with the question ‘why didn’t I know!’


I also am finding Diane’s 10 questions really helpful. I listened to “why didn’t I know” first and have been skipping around every since. Although my D-day was just 5 weeks ago, I don’t find listening to Diane’s talks too painful or intense. In fact, I find her plain truth-telling very grounding, helps me feel less crazy. Helps me understand what has happened, what still is happening. Diane, thank you!


The first question Diane answers is equal to hundreds of hours in counseling.
I spent the first two years getting further abused by trying to believe him and trying to figure out how could I have missed this?
I don’t want to print the fantastic quote Diane has at the end of Question 1.
It is liking telling a great ending in a movie.
But the words “imaginable truth” summed it up exactly for me.


After listening to the intro audio…….I think if I had heard shortly after d-day- I would have been crying tears of joy for finding the truth. When I showed up on SOS’s door step back in January- that’s all I wanted. I had a stack of worthless “how to save your marriage with a SA” books and a not so friendly COSA group for support. Nothing made any sense until I found SOS. The new audios will definitely help future spouses/partners.

I don’t know if anyone could relate- but after d-day I literally felt starved for the truth about what I was dealing with. When I found the truth by reading post after post on SOS- I did’t feel crazy anymore. Almost like a magic- feeling crazy vanished into thin air.


Everyone needs to listen to this audio. If its the only one you buy then you will learn so much from it.


Thank you! The audios are exceptional. The hard questions and Diane’s responses to them are just what I needed for crystal clear clarification of what I have been dealing with. Thank you!!~

*The “loving yourself” part is by far the most difficult challenge for me. I wish Diane would write a handbook on exactly how to do that.


This audio should be marketed to every college and university on the planet. This insidious form of abuse/human rights violations will be exposed for what it is. By far this is one of the most forward leaps in psychology/treatment circles. The truth…..ugly and beautiful at the same time! Never seen anything like it on the book store shelves.


I bought the 10 questions just last night and have listened already to 5 of them! Listened to 3 before bed, and was a little worried I’d have bad dreams, but no, I slept very well. I think it really helps to have such clear, direct truth-telling about what has happened. Makes me feel less crazy, that it wasn’t me and my world that was unreal, but him and his world. Gives me hope (one of the ones I listened to!). p.s. I like your voice. Firm yet compassionate. ?