What We Believe

Businesswoman hands holding sign Stop Doing What Doesn't WorkWhat we believe about sex addiction and the support of Partners and wives of sex addicts.

We Believe that you, the Partner or wife of a sex addict, are of the utmost importance here in The Sisterhood. Your needs and the needs of any minor children are our top priority. We focus on you and what you need to heal.

We Believe that the very first thing that any Partner or wife must do upon Discovery is to get a full panel of STD tests. Your very life depends upon it. ALL sex addicts claim that it is ‘just porn’, but that is rarely the case. We believe that therapists who fail to offer this advice are negligent.

We Believe that what is commonly called sex addiction is, in fact, Domestic Abuse.

We Believe that the behaviors of sex addicts endanger our emotional, financial and physical safety. This is abuse.

We Believe that this abuse causes severe and ongoing trauma in the Partner.

We Believe that the actions of sex addicts are a deliberate choice.

We Believe that many therapists and CSATs (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist) who are using the ‘trauma model’ for treatment of Partners fail to see the connection between the Partner’s trauma and the abuse.

We Believe that although many CSATs and therapists claim to use the Trauma Model for counseling Partners most do not recognize the abuse that the Partner has endured and most insist that the Partner take ‘their share’ of the responsibility for the SA’s behaviors.

We Believe that sex addicts should never counsel Partners or wives. Many CSATs are sex addicts. The Sisterhood believes that this is unprofessional and causes additional trauma to Partners.

We believe that complete disclosure of sex addiction by any therapist treating Partners should be a professional requirement. Partners and wives should always ask. You have a right to know. Ask if your therapist or counselor is or ever has been a sex addict, a recovering sex addict or a ‘recovered’ sex addict.

We Believe that terms such as co dependent, co addict or co sex addict serve no therapeutic purpose and only add additional trauma to the Partner or wife.

We Believe that children hear it, children see it and children feel it. Sex addiction affects the entire family. Domestic abuse is also child abuse​.



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