Here are the guidelines for the Live Zoom Support Group Meetings. Click the link to download and/or print the Guidelines.

Zoom Meeting Guidelines


1. Please be on time to avoid interruption of the meeting. You can enter the meeting at any time but you may miss the opportunity to introduce yourself.

2. You can change your Zoom name to your Sisterhood screen name. If you prefer you can change your Zoom name to your Sisterhood screen name. To change your Zoom screen name click ‘participants ‘ in the upper right hand corner (this may be in a different location on different devices), click on your name and then click ‘rename’ and change to your Sisterhood name.

3. If you would like to suggest a topic for discussion please post it in the forums by the day before each meeting. I will choose the topic from your suggestions or use one of my own. Topics will be used if there are not enough questions and answers, but usually I let all of you decide what is important to discuss.

The meetings will have a loose structure that will allow everyone a chance to speak and ask questions. 

1. Each Sister will have 2-3 minutes to introduce themselves and share a brief summary of why they joined the Sisterhood. Please share how long it has been since you discovered the sex addiction and how long you have been a member of the Sisterhood. This will be done at each meeting so that new participants know a bit about each of us.

2. After the introductions we will begin with questions or I will share the topic and open it up for discussion.

3. The support meetings are for sharing of information and resources and for asking general questions about the challenges we all face. Please keep the questions general. Individual advice will be limited so that everyone has a chance to participate. 

4. If you need more advice on your situation or particular issue please consider an individual coaching session or post your story or questions in the forums.

5. The meetings are limited to one hour but I understand that at times discussions my require additional time. If I am able I will stay for those discussions or I may leave the meeting and allow discussions to continue for an additional time.