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WHEW! I have been wanting to update the look and features of the forums for sooooo long, to be honest, it terrified me. But, I finally jumped right in and I am quite pleased with everything.

When a subscriber logs in she will see links to areas that she has paid for. If you subscribe to the forums you will see a ‘Forums’ link in the upper menu area. If you subscribe to the Trauma Video series you will see a Trauma Videos link.  When you click to access the forums you will come to an index page that has 3 areas. The top has a fabulous search box that searches all of the forums and comments. I also occasionally post some announcements there. 

The second area is a grid that has photos and forum names. Click on any forum to see what topics are in that forum or to start a new topic in that forum. For example, click the My Story image to go to the My Story forum. To start a new topic in the My Story forum simply click the ‘New Discussion’ link in the upper right hand corner. Be sure to create a title for your topic and simply type your story in the large box. When you are done just click the ‘submit’ button and it will be posted. HINT: Computer or internet glitches can delete your topic as you are typing. I always recommend if you have a long post that you type it in a text program first, then copy and paste it in the topic box. If a glitch does happen you can usually recover what you wrote by simply clicking the back arrow in your browser or clicking the New Discussion link again.

The third area is a list of all the most recent forum activity. Simply click on a title to get to that topic. Scroll down through all the comments and you can add your comment at the bottom.

The Forums are only visible and accessible to paid subscribers, others will not even see the menu links even if they sign in; nor will they be able to access them even if they had the links. Once a Sister cancels or her subscription runs out she will no longer be able to see the links or access the private Forum pages.

The new ‘look’ is not just a pretty face, it has other added security features that I really like.

I have tried to simplify things and make them as intuitive as I can. Clicking the ‘Forums’ menu link brings up a page with a really great Search box. Just type in a word or phrase and it will bring up a list of all the Topics and comments with that word or phrase. You will have to be specific or the search will return hundreds of pages!  It’s all pretty organized, and so much easier than before.

I’ll keep adding information here as needed–so be sure to keep checking this page for more information and comments at the bottom. There are many more features, but I don’t want to overwhelm you right now.

I never know what each of you need until you tell me. So please, let me know what you need. You can email me at or comment below.

Hugs to all. ~ JoAnn