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Help! My Husband is a Sex Addict!

If  you have discovered that your boyfriend or husband is a sex addict you probably feel confused and alone, with no one to turn to who truly understands what you are going through. The Sisterhood is here to help you.

The Sisterhood online support group is a completely private and safe place to share your stories, thoughts questions and comments. With dozens of forums, tens of thousands of topics and over 100,000 comments, you will find help and support, from women just like you, who have discovered that their boyfriend or husband is a sex addict.

The Sisterhood is a ‘women only’ group and we have members from all over the world.

The Sisterhood of Support group is for partners, about partners and with partners. We all understand what you are going through because we have all been there.

You will find the answers, honesty and resources that you need to regain your stability and start on your path toward healing.

So, why not give it a try? Click the ‘Subscribe’ menu tab and I’ll see you on the inside.

Words of Wisdom from The Sisters

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Want to read personal stories from partners of sex addicts? Click Here.

Wisdom and a Question From One of Our Sisters on Abuse

Fifty years ago, if you were a battered woman, you probably wouldn’t tell anyone. And if you did, what advice would they have given you?–how to cope, how to stay, how to tiptoe around so that you wouldn’t trigger his temper? You would be told all the ways that leaving would hurt your family, your children. Your fears of what

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Starting over: How to rebuild your finances after escaping a financially abusive relationship

  Written by MADISON BLANCAFLOR When you think of domestic abuse, physical or verbal assault are probably the first things that come to mind. Unfortunately, financial abuse is often overlooked, even though it occurs in 99% of all domestic violence cases. The effects of financial abuse can last for years or even decades after victims escape abusive relationships. “The devastating

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My Sex Addict Husband Got Another Woman Pregnant

Has anyone else had the unfortunate experience of their Sex Addict  getting another woman pregnant as a result of the addiction? I have and I wanted to talk about it. its just another facet of this nightmare that i am having trouble dealing with.

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Doug Weiss Heart to Heart Counseling Center HORRIBLE!

I received this e-mail from a woman who attended the Doug Weiss Heart To Heart Counseling Center. She said the experience was horrible! Here’s what she had to say about that experience. Doug Weiss. HORRIBLE!! 1. When I stated that I was so devastated that I did not want to have sex with my husband, he (Doug Weiss) told me

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Where Is The Real Proof About Sex Addiction?

Everyone has an opinion and opinions seem paramount in discussing sex addiction. Anecdotal evidence is touted as scientific proofs for outrageous recovery and cure rate claims. Treatment centers use methodologies that have no professional basis and claim high success rates. So, why do I take it upon myself to cry ‘foul? It’s because of the voices of tens of thousands

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12 step co-ed group

Do 12 Step Programs Really Work?

Today 12 step programs are the ‘go to’ gold standard for sex addiction. But, do 12 Step Programs really work? AA’s success as an organization has not been matched by a research record. After 75 years of existence, scientific study had been unable to confirm AA’s effectiveness. There certainly is a correlation between attendance at AA meetings and success in recovery.

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Bipolar and Sex Addiction

I received this question from a woman who is married to a man who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and who also is a sex addict. Here is her question: Does anyone have any experience with bipolar and sex addiction? My husband has been diagnosed with bipolar, though he is now shifting is focus to Attention Deficit Disorder, even though

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What to ask your therapist

What To Ask Your Therapist

What to Ask Your Therapist Partners often endure further trauma by therapists who want to call us names such as co-dependent, co-addict or co-sex addict. Many therapists claim to use the ‘trauma model’ but want the Partners to share in the blame, commit to staying with the sex addict for a year before making any decisions and encourage increased sexual

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hands of support

What Partners Say About Sex Addiction and Support

What Partners Say-Sisterhood of Support In this new weekly series, ‘What Partners Say’ I have gleaned the best of the best testimonials from the private forums of what partners say about sex addiction and the support they get from the Sisterhood. These are all anonymous and any personal information has been removed. Some of the comments may have been combined or edited,

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Why? A Partner Speaks On Sex Addiction

Why does a man choose hookers over his family? Why didn’t we see this major flaw in our husbands? Why do we stay and have nervous breakdowns when we find out? Why do therapists push us towards acknowledging our part? Why are we triggered? Why can’t we just walk out the door and never look back? Why do we seek help for them? Why do they blame us? Why do our friends and family want us to just get over it? Why did this man who watched me deliver our daughter/son leave the hospital and seek out a prostitue? And the winner is “why can’t they be helped?”

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Rate Your Therapist

It is time to publicly rate your therapist. Somehow, some way the ‘do no harm’ philosophy has been lost on CSATs and therapists who counsel sex addicts and their partners. I hear story after story after story of blame shifting, name calling and outright deception and lying about the therapists undisclosed addictions. It is time to expose these charlatans and hold

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I Am Not What Happened To Me. I Am What I Choose To Become.

NEW! Trauma Recovery Series for Partners of Sex Addicts

This video series for partners of sex addicts outlines some of the most important, and very first things that a partner should consider after discovering that the person they are in an intimate relationship with may be a sex addict.

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To Provide A Safe And Nurturing Environment For The Expression Of Opinions And Ideas In Order To Enhance The Knowledge, Growth And Healing Of Partners Of Sex Addicts.

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