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Wellness Coaching for Partners of Sex Addicts

With JoAnn Russell, RN, MS
Certified Life Coach, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, Stress Management Coach

Wellness Coaching and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs developed specifically for partners of sex addicts. 
Plans can be custom tailored to your needs and/or budget.  Online or phone sessions.
Group coaching packages and self-directed modules are available.

Find Stability

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Reduce Stress
Stabilize Your Life
Find Your Strengths
Make Positive Changes

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Reach Goals

Wellness Coaching
Set Goals
Create Plan of Action
Monitor Progress
See Real Changes

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Find Your Joy!

Wellness Coaching 
Continue Your Growth
Find Balance in your life
Create a Vision for Future
Live the Life You Always Wanted

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Mission Statement

To Provide A Safe And Nurturing Environment For The Expression Of Opinions And Ideas In Order To Enhance The Knowledge, Growth And Healing Of Partners Of Sex Addicts.

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