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Who Is JoAnn Russell?

My name is JoAnn Russell. I am a woman, a mother, grandmother and a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree. In 2004 I started a small blog about my discovery that my husband had a secret dark sexual life. I had no one to talk with, I felt isolated, traumatized and hopeless. Counselors just didn't 'get it' and I refused to accept responsibility for my husband's behaviors that had nothing to do with me and had been going on for most of his adult life. Read More

Our Position

We reject the idea that sex addiction is an actual disease, but rather a series of symptoms and traits that indicate a much deeper mental disorder.

Wives and partners of these misdiagnosed ‘sex addicts’ are victims of domestic abuse.

We support the trauma model of treatment for wives and partners of sex addicts. Read More

What We Believe

We Believe that you, the Partner or wife of a sex addict, are of the utmost importance here in The Sisterhood. Your needs and the needs of any minor children are our top priority. We focus on you and what you need to heal.

We Believe that the very first thing that any Partner or wife must do upon Discovery is to get a full panel of STD tests. Your very life depends upon it.  ALL sex addicts claim that it is ‘just porn’... Read More

The Support Group

The Sisterhood Support Group is an online 24/7 support group for women only. The doors are always open in the 'hood' and the light is always on. It is your quiet, safe place. A place where wives and partners of sex addicts will find honest, truthful answers, resources and most of all, friendship and caring from women who truly understand. Read More


Over the years I have put together a series of eBooks for wives and partners of sex addicts. These eBooks are concise and packed with information. There is no fluff, no long anecdotes, just information, answers and solutions. Read more

One On One Coaching

When the one person you trusted most in this world has just destroyed everything in which you were invested, heart, soul, mind, and body, and you are waiting for test results to tell you what diseases he has given you, it’s not time for a therapist to call you names, ask you how you participated in his lie, suggest it’s not that bad, accuse you of knowing all the time, or tell you it takes two people to ruin a marriage. Traumatized partners of sex addicts need someone who makes their needs the top priority. Read More

A Trauma Recovery Program

First Things First Video Series

About 70% of partners have PTSD. The rest struggle with untreated PTS symptoms every day. Additionally, your health may be damaged by STD’s/STI’s and stress, your financial and/or personal security put in jeopardy, and your hope gone.

In nine videos and accompanying print resources, Diane Strickland presents the topics that have risen to the top as partner priorities....Read More

Free youtube Videos

The Sisterhood has put together informational videos for partners of sex addicts. Please check out our youtube page and if you like what you see please subscribe. And, don't forget to check back often to see what new videos are available.

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