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Are You In Love With A Sex Addict?

Have you recently discovered that you are in love with a sex addict?

Discovering that the man you love has a sordid and secret sex life and is a sex addict is horribly devastating. It shatters your world and leaves you feeling confused, traumatized and isolated.

What you thought was real is now a lie and you are suddenly forced to rewrite the history of what was your life. The Discovery of Sex Addiction in your relationship changes you forever. But, when it happens–forever is a long way off.

You need help now.

Unfortunately it’s not easy to talk with even your dearest and most trusted friends or relatives about Sex Addiction. If they have not experienced Sex Addiction in their lives they just don’t get it. They are uncomfortable with the concept, they shy away from talking with you about it, they make generalized statements to gloss things over and, worst of all, many will subtly, or not so subtly place some of the blame on you. You feel isolated; even counselors don’t seem to understand. You are dying inside and yet there is no one to help you.

Here’s what some of the Sisters have to say:

The solidarity that I feel with everyone here just overwhelms me – going through this whole process alone and then finding all of the sisters who truly understand this just makes me feel so validated and I am Blessed to *know* all of you. I wanted to leave the first second I started reading on the site!! I was scared to death. I thought “Oh No, not my H , not me, no no no no…” This site saved my life. I figured I had stuck my head in the sand long enough. I needed to hear every word and I still do.

SOS has been a godsend for me. It is a safe haven to share ~ we all understand the pain and the Sisters are always here for each other.

I am so VERY GRATEFUL for all of you! In my darkest moments, when I’m scared and lonely, I log on here and I feel love, support, hope again. I feel stronger when I’m connected to all of you. Thank you!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you do for us. Your website is a godsend for my healing and understanding.

JoAnn, Thank you so much for creating this site. You have created a forum that is changing women’s lives for the better. I appreciate you so much for bringing this group of women into my crazy ass little world to help me feel sane.

We are a diverse group of women, with different styles of communicating, and different insights and questions to share. But in the stew of our lives we share stories, laughs, hope, courage, tears, pain, and anger.

I’m still new here and have found the site enormously helpful in a very short time.

This is a safe haven to share ~ we all understand the pain and the sisters are always here for each other.

I could literally put thousands of quotes here from the Sisters, but I think you can understand that The Sisterhood is a very special place. A place where you will feel welcome. A place where you can feel safe sharing your feelings, doubts and fears. A place where you KNOW that everyone else here  has walked in your shoes and understands exactly how you feel.

If you feel alone, with no one to turn to who truly understands what you are going through, The Sisterhood can help you.

The Sisterhood will give you the support and resources you need to regain your stability and start on your path toward healing. The Sisters are all here for you, standing beside you, helping you to find your way. The Sisterhood is not a 12 step group, The Sisterhood will not ever imply that you are a co addict or that you are co dependent.

The Sisterhood believes in empowering you rather than telling you that you are powerless. The Sisterhood is a unique sort of group that does nothing more than support you with compassion, understanding and friendship. The Sisterhood is a place where women who are or have been in a relationship with a Sex Addict share their stories and offer support and validation for what you are feeling. Together we laugh, cry, share and support each other.

You will find all sorts of discussions in the Sisterhood forums. We talk about everything, Sex Addiction, Personality Disorders, recovery, staying, leaving, divorce, children, jobs, stress, PTSD, health…you name it we’ve probably discussed it and will discuss it again. Asking questions in the forum is a great way to get input from the Sisters and you can do a search through the thousands of topics and see what has been said in the past.

The Sisterhood Is A Safe And Private Place

The Sisterhood is a completely private and safe place to share your stories, thoughts questions and comments.  Only paid members who are signed in can view the forums, chat box or members only pages. You can sign in any time of the day or night and post your story, questions, rants or comment on something a Sister has written; start a new topic of your own in the forum or just browse through the thousands of topics and stories.

In addition to the forums, you will also have access to resources, latest news and scientific research, eBooks and exclusive Video interviews and you will be able to participate in occasional Zoom support meetings  or interactive products that are always being developed.

Join The Sisterhood Now!

Let us help you through this difficult time. Let us give light for your dark journey. You will never be alone again. So why not give it a try? Just sign up below and we’ll see you inside. 

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