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Join The Online Support Group

The Sisterhood Support Group for wives and partners of sex addicts is a very special place. A place where you will feel welcome. A place where you can feel safe sharing your feelings, doubts and fears because it is exclusively for women. A place where you KNOW that everyone else here has walked in your shoes and understands exactly how you feel.

The Sisterhood will give you the support and resources you need to regain your stability and start on your path toward healing. The Sisters are all here for you, standing beside you, helping you to find your way.

The Sisterhood is not a 12 step group, The Sisterhood will not ever imply that you are a co addict or that you are co dependent. The Sisterhood believes in empowering you rather than telling you that you are powerless. The Sisterhood is a unique sort of group that does nothing more than support you with compassion, understanding and friendship. The Sisterhood is a group of women who are or have been in a relationship with a Sex Addict. Together we laugh, cry, share and support each other. We are best friends. If possible we visit each other, call each other on the phone when we are in need and share our joys and laughter as well as our pain.

You will find all sorts of discussions going on in the Sisterhood. We talk about everything, Sex Addiction, Personality Disorders, recovery, staying, leaving, divorce, children, jobs, stress, PTSD, health…you name it we’ve probably discussed it and will discuss it again. Asking questions in the forum is a great way to get input from the Sisters, or you can read through the thousands of topics and see what has been said in the past.

With hundreds of members from all over the world, the Sisterhood Support Group offers ongoing topics and discussions for less than a dollar a day for 24/7 online access.