‘How Do I Let Go?’ Getting Unstuck

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How Do I Let Go of my sex addict? I think every partner has struggled with that question in one way or another. We all have to find the answer within ourselves in our own way and in our own time. Getting ‘unstuck’ is so difficult for partners of sex addicts. So, I thought I would offer my thoughts that come from time and experience.

How do you let go?

You let go when you finally find yourself again.

You let go when you are able to reach within yourself and touch your integrity, your honor and remember the difference between right and wrong.

You let go when you rediscover your core—that core that has been with you since you were young; that core that has been eroded and corroded slowly and covertly over time.

You let go when you grasp the hand of the young woman within yourself, who walked into the relationship with honor; the woman who would have never even entertained the concept of deception, lies or infidelity in her relationship.

You let go when you look upon the face of that young woman who knew who she was and what she believed in and who understood what really mattered in life and in a relationship.

And, when you smile upon that young woman, the one who knew right from wrong and would not, even for a second, have accepted the excuses that you now swallow with such impunity; you will let go.

How do you let go?

You let go as you shrug off the burden of false words and rationalizations that have been heaped upon you.

You let go when your soul crawls out from the muck and filth to finally breathe again; to deeply inhale the fresh air as you open your arms to the light.

You let go as you slowly realize that YOU are responsible for what happens in your life. YOU—and no one  else.

You let go when you know to the very depth of your being that your life choices are yours and yours alone.

It really is as simple–and as difficult as that.

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