Trauma Recovery Video Series For Wives and Partners of Sex Addicts


These videos, along with the accompanying print resources will give you, the partner, knowledge, resources and tools that will allow you to find your way back to stability, health and hope for your future.


These videos for partners of sex addicts contain information on health issues and the emotions that you have to deal with, how to mitigate the symptoms of stress and PTSD and how to put your own safety first.

You will receive six months access to these NINE videos, so you can pace yourself:

  1. An Introduction and The Biggest Challenge
  2. How Partners Describe Their Trauma Symptoms
  3. Strategies and Practices for Managing and Mitigating Your Trauma Symptoms PART 1
  4. Strategies and Practices for Managing and Mitigating Your Trauma Symptoms PART 2
  5. Thoughts About Love
  6. What Price Are You Paying With Your Health…for his sex addiction?
  7. Loving Yourself Changes Everything
  8. Useful Resources for Education and Healing
  9. Choosing Hope, Not Hopium

You will receive Print Resources to download and keep for each of the 9 videos that:

  • Review video content
  • Provide appropriate questions for personal reflection
  • Offer articles that further develop the ideas presented
  • Give step-by- step instructions for using tools and practices
  • Suggest activities to put ideas into practice in your own life

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