Sponsor A Sister


Some of our Sisters experience severe financial difficulties after Discovery or during a separation or divorce and simply cannot afford to pay full membership costs, or even any at all.

I personally donate $250.00 per month toward Sisters in need but there are so many  more genuine hardship situations and I cannot support them all. Your generosity will help a woman through a difficult time until she gets back on her feet.

Many of you have asked if you can sponsor a particular Sister or simply add to my fund to help with the costs of running the Sisterhood.

So I created this page just for you.

I do not take on new members for this program, only Sisters that we know truly need our help and support.

If you would like your sponsorship to go to a particular Sister just e-mail me at JoAnn@sisterhoodofsupport.org and let me know her screen name and whether or not you would like to remain anonymous.

Just choose the amount you would like to contribute from the drop down box

and click the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated. ~ JoAnn

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