I received this question from a woman who is married to a man who was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and who also is a sex addict. Here is her question:

Does anyone have any experience with bipolar and sex addiction? My husband has been diagnosed with bipolar, though he is now shifting is focus to Attention Deficit Disorder, even though his psychiatrist said she thinks he is “more bipolar than ADD”. His form of SA is addiction to pornography. I don’t think he has engaged in any other activities. Also, he had much childhood trauma, so we deal with that. I feel like I bounce between these issues, yet they are related. I am in the beginning stages of a divorce from him, yet I am still so very emotional, sad that the man I married seems to be gone. Also, I need to figure out how to take care of my kids, helping them heal and keeping them stable while allowing them some time with their dad. I am going for full physical custody, although I do not know if I will get it, and I am not sure my husband fully understands what that will mean for him. When he does, I am afraid of how he will react.

Anyway, any wisdom from anyone who has experiences with these issues would be greatly appreciated.

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