Please Sisters, Protect Our Privacy

computer privacy

Sisters, this website is very private. All of the Sisters depend upon and trust each other to keep our safe place safe. Yet, once in a while our safety is violated by a snooping husband.

Even worse is when our safety is violated by a Sister herself.

Our conversations, our private thoughts and emotions, are strictly confidential and are not to be shared with anyone, especially our Sex Addict partners. It does not matter if names are mentioned or not. EVERYTHING is sacred. I would think that any Sister would realize this.

I am writing this because today a Sister sent me a frantic e-mail wanting me to delete her post because she thought her husband was snooping on her computer and would sign in as her and see what she had written.  She also asked me to deactivate her subscription so he could not sign in.

She also said that she had shared some of the things she had read on the site because she thought ‘it might help’. This has happened before, not often, maybe two or three times among the 700 plus Sisters that have come and gone, but to me that is two or three times too many.

Okay, I have to admit I am furious. I try to be understanding of the trauma and confusion we all experience with Discovery, but sharing confidential information is just plain stupidity.

I did hide her post, but I will put it back up tonight because she is no longer a member, nor is any of her info in the database any more, so her husband cannot possibly find a way to sign in. I will set up an alert for any subscriptions coming in from her state and/or her last name just in case he tries to set up a fake subscription.

So, in light of this I think I have to compose a ‘Welcome e-mail’ for all new members that outlines our confidentiality guidelines and directions to lock all of the computers that they use with passwords (that cannot be guessed) and to always sign out whenever you leave the computer.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. This is one of the things I do for a living in my consulting business. Making a password secure can be very easy, and very hard, but here is a good example….

    Sisterhood of support


    The longer the password, the more difficult it is to crack, even if someone is using a program like Cain&Able to try to hack it. I’m going to work on a package of information and place it on the site for all the sisters. You may all know what I will post, and if you do, no offense meant. Just want to help where I can, if I can.

    Hugs and love,