‘Sexual Sobriety’ Leaves Victims Untreated by Dr. Minwalla

This article, by Dr. Minwalla echoes what we, at the Sisterhood, have been saying for years.

Dr. Omar Minwalla is the only professional who really seems to understand the complexity and scope of this thing we call ‘sex addiction’.

This article is so important it should be posted on every Partner’s refrigerator and bathroom mirror.

Please read it daily.

The focus of traditional sex addiction-compulsivity treatment models tends to be on diagnosing and stopping specific sexual behaviors, termed “sexual sobriety.” From a treatment perspective, it is correct and necessary to implement behavioral containment and stop destructive or problematic behaviors.
However, this is where most treatment ends, rather than also treating the other patterns of abuse of human beings and violations of human rights, termed “sex addiction-induced perpetrations” (SAIP).
The problem is sexual acting out disorders are not just sexual behaviors but are also abusive conduct patterns and complex pathologic systems, which often include elaborate deceptive compartmentalized sexual-relational realities and systems of abusive covert management.

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‘Sexual Sobriety’ Leaves Victims Untreated

6 thoughts on “‘Sexual Sobriety’ Leaves Victims Untreated by Dr. Minwalla”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this article. Finally someone who gets this and the damage caused and complexity of abuse involved here a well as potential for PTSD. Its a relief to read this and have thoughts and experiences and feelings validated.

  2. Thank you for posting this link– just found it. Vey interesting. I wish there was more available on the complexity of the larger disorder that permits the SA-lifestyle. Typically my SA husband presents as very poorly organized. I am concluding perhaps he is much more organized than he has been letting on.

  3. So Do i understand this, if a person is discovered and in therapy, 12step, church there is no proof he is clean or will stay clean and we should bail on the discovery?

  4. Unfortunately that is correct. If you choose to stay it should be with informed consent and a knowledge of the facts that in order to live a life of deceit, a person can not have the empathy, conscience or self control of a normal adult. These things cannot be learned and true, long term change simply does not happen. I wish I had a different answer for you, but that is the truth.

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