What Partners Say About Sex Addiction and Support

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What Partners Say-Sisterhood of Support

In this new weekly series, ‘What Partners Say’ I have gleaned the best of the best testimonials from the private forums of what partners say about sex addiction and the support they get from the Sisterhood.

These are all anonymous and any personal information has been removed. Some of the comments may have been combined or edited, but all are real words from real women who are partners of sex addicts.

This week I have brought you some words from the women of the Sisterhood about the help that they receive from the online support group forums.

Over a decade ago I had a vision. I had a vision of a safe place where women who were married to, or in a relationship with a sex addict could find the support, sharing of experiences and friendship that I did not have when I discovered my husband’s sex addiction.

I was fortunate back then to have a great counselor, but my strength and support was mostly gained from a small group that my counselor facilitated each week just for partners of sex addicts. Those one hour, weekly sessions meant more to me than hundreds of hours of counseling. Unfortunately there were only 8 sessions. I wanted more. I wanted that special bond that I immediately felt with the other women in that small group.

So, I decided that to start a website just for partners of sex addicts. My very first criticism came from my husband’s counselor. He arrogantly said, ‘Who will ever come to a site like that?’

Well, it has taken a long time but the women did come. First to my Married to a Sex Addict website with open comments and articles, then to the private, membership site, the Sisterhood of Support.

The Sisterhood is not for everyone, it is raw and real and gut wrenchingly honest. But, for those women who are ready for the truth, for those women who will not allow themselves to be further abused and traumatized by words like co-dependent and co-addict, for those women who want the truth, want real answers and realistic outcomes; my sites give them what they need and have fulfilled my vision.

Their words of appreciation make it all worthwhile. Thank you dear Sisters.

This website is the only one I have found that spells out the truth.  Keep it up – tell the awful truths so that others can learn.who need a safe place to share their pain and trauma.

I so relish the over all the fierce insight and compassion passing between women on this website. It’s mind blowing.

There is a lot of honesty here, which I think we really need more of. Whenever I found myself faltering, these girls picked me up and dusted me off in the most loving way.

I found out my h was a SA recently, well it will be 2 months on Sunday and I can tell you that I am still grieving.. but could not wait to get home from work to see what new advice and encouragement the sisterhood had for me today. I already feel better than I did before finding this site, there is comfort in knowing you are not alone and you are not crazy.

I plan to stay on here as long as JoAnn has the site up. This was the most traumatic and mind altering event in my whole life. I will never get over this betrayal. It is ingrained in my soul. Being a member of this site does not stir up the pain. The pain is there. This site makes that pain manageable.

The reason I love our SOS site is because it feels so personal and close to the heart. The sharing of our lives and support freely given is real and honest. That is important to me. JoAnn and the sisters have helped me find a way through the swamp.

I was so thankful to find the MTASA (Married to a Sex Addict) site and now this one. This site has done more to help me in 3 months than the others and my counseling did in over two years.

It wasn’t until I found this site where women were sharing their real-life experiences that I realized how the collective wisdom of all our experiences is the most honest guide. We know the real story of how this disorder plays out. And we are here to help each other through this hellish journey.

I want you to know how much SOS has helped me.  30 years of crap 25 since Dday, been the gamut.  I’m no longer in my dark hole thanks to the girls in the hood!  I laugh, cry, and have become informed, I finally feel I have friends who get it.

The co addict model takes a traumatized person and traumatizes them more. That is the theory that drew me to this site to begin with. I knew in my heart that none of this was my fault. Thank you JoAnn for putting this out there. You are helping so many women with SOS. I can’t tell you how important this site is to each and every one of us.

This is the only place where I feel safe to tell all and to ask the hard questions. The honesty you provide isn’t always easy to hear, but it is always appreciated. I’m still terrified of the nasty divorce proceedings that are waiting for me. I’m paralyzed with the fear of “what ifs”, but I’m so thankful to know this band of pirates is behind me.

This group, you ladies, have been the best thing that has happened to me in 16 months. You’ve even trumped my trip to Canada, eating lobster, kayaking in the sunshine on a pristine lake. I thank you for being there, thank-you for your wisdom, your counsel, your honesty, your bravery, for sharing your truths – and most of all thank-you for your love towards me and all the other sisters that share this sisterhood in a group that should never have to exist on a decent planet.

I don’t know what I would have done without this site. I mean read above I was a hot mess I still am but I am coming into my own. Thank you for having this site. I laugh , cry, feel sane, insane and feel loved and feel supported and feel like I am not alone.

I am glad that we can all help each other through this terrible mess and that we have the Sisterhood as a such a wonderful support. I am so thankful for this site and the comfort I have knowing I can log on at any point and you all will be right there.

The phrase “It takes a village” comes to mind. It takes a village to raise a child. I would say that it also takes a village to get through what we are going through.

Thank you for being my village.

This website is the only one I have found that spells out the truth.  Keep it up – tell the awful truths so that others can learn.



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  1. Hi … I was wondering if there are any posts about partners who heal and then move on to trust and find love again. Is that possible after such a traumatic event??

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